The Quick Version: For Christian couples and singles, the Bible App (aka the YouVersion Bible App) will connect the language on the good book to lifestyle and provide followers the power in order to become better associates, buddies, and household members. The app offers mature hookups near mely 1,500 versions regarding the Bible in more than 1,000 languages for those in all corners of the world. Preferred, available, and complimentary, the app has been installed by over 250 million unique gadgets yet, and this quantity is raising much more individuals engage the other person from the program. The Bible software’s reading strategies, devotionals, Verse during the day, and social methods bring Christians collectively through common viewpoints and instill meaningful associations created of shared really love and regard.


Sometimes connection battles examination the character of lovers and give individuals a chance to grow. Lindsey was actually divided from the woman husband, Jordan, but she wasn’t prepared throw in the towel wish on their relationship. She known as Jordan and convinced him to produce a last make an effort to reconnect through the a factor they still had in common: their unique religion.

They began a commitment reading thinking about the Bible software and spent the next several months reading Scripture collectively and ultizing their particular shared trust as a means to talk about their very own quest as a wedded few.

“They credit the app to actually checking a discussion regarding their relationship,” mentioned Bobby Gruenewald, Founder on the Bible application (referred to as the YouVersion Bible application). “Their unique wedding has actually been restored, therefore the app ended up being a catalyst because of their reconciliation.”

This phenomenal recommendation reveals exactly how strong the Bible’s message can be to couples looking to reaffirm their unique dedication to God and to one another. The Bible software helps individuals hook up to Scripture on a personal level so they might determined to live in accordance with Christian ideals of really love, fidelity, and humility. For couples, the application can inspire heartfelt conversations about belief and draw individuals better collectively.

Available in a cellular and searchable format — and in over 1,000 languages — the Bible app supplies an easy to get at motivational reference and religious companion to Christians. Currently, the application provides observed a lot more than 250 million installments by folks from all edges associated with planet.

The Bible software had been among the first 200 programs inside the application Store in July of 2008. “We did not understand what to expect, but inside the first few times, we watched 83,000 people put in the Bible application,” Bobby said. “it surely blew the minds. Subsequently, we’ve been on a journey to make the software in as numerous languages in accordance with as much useful attributes while we can for free.”

Within society overrun by skepticism, surveys conclude that young people are less religious than elderly people, although Bible software endeavors to invite all of them back to the fold by blending technologies and theology.

Aided by the software, you can easily follow a reading intend to check the Bible to some extent or even in its entirety, you are able to pay attention to Scripture in your drive to your workplace, and you may share the experiences of religion with buddies in your telephone, computer system, or tablet. The interactive atmosphere helps Christians stay engaged with the Bible on a day-to-day foundation. “It really is a privilege to be element of this motion,” Bobby said.

Dispersing motivation & Love to Millions Since 2006

Bobby was actually a technologically savvy business person when, in 2001, he noticed his real enthusiasm was at ministry, and he upended their life to be development Pastor at Life.Church. After that, in 2006, he was wishing in a security line during the Chicago O’Hare Airport when he had a revelation: What if the Bible was actually open to everybody else on their phones?

The guy wondered if he could control modern technology to help people (themselves incorporated) engage with the Bible more often. “right here I happened to be functioning at a church, however I found myselfn’t regularly reading the Bible as far as I wished to,” he mentioned. “I thought it had been a format problem. I just you should not carry guides — specially big books â€” about beside me. There during the airport, this concept came for just what we now name the YouVersion Bible software.”

Situated in Oklahoma, the guy with his staff started building a device to help make the Bible available to people irrespective of where they go. His sight encouraged numerous to exit encouraging careers to offer the Bible software’s objective. Today a team of 30 dedicated employees and numerous volunteers get together to help make an improvement. Bobby mentioned your company has had zero turnover in the last two years, to some extent, since they’ve been gifted insurance firms talented people come to all of them.

“every person’s so driven. Some people on our team had their own physical lives altered of the Bible software,” Bobby told us. “we’ve downline whom left jobs at Apple and NASA to join our team simply because they thought incredibly passionate about what we’re performing.”

In a great, faith-oriented environment, the Bible application group works to improve Bible much more easily obtainable to individuals searching for meaning inside their everyday lives. Everybody else on the staff feels humbled are section of an attempt to aid Christians connect to their unique belief no matter where they have been. Bobby said the guy seems tremendously humbled by the app’s achievements.

“it is extremely rewarding,” he mentioned. “this present year has-been our very own best 12 months actually ever in just about every metric, and now we’re still expanding.”

Putting some Bible liberated to Every country, Tribe, men and women and Language

With the application, Christians can quicker integrate the Bible within their daily lives. Devotional material provides a steady flow of interesting prose with associated Bible passages for customers to mull on. “our very own short, relevant devotionals link you to definitely Scripture every day,” Bobby stated.

Additionally, the Bible App drives men and women to check the great publication on their own through providing a reading program and after reading objectives to obtain these to that finally page. It is possible to elect to do the reading separately or as two, pondering problems instance relationship, closeness, commitment, and gender when you read Scripture. Yet, 68 million reading strategies have-been done about Bible application. “it will become a very good talk starter,” he mentioned.

Over the past decade, the software has offered as a conduit for most strong conversations and powerful contacts between individuals of religion. Really love and comprehension would be the fundamentals of Christianity, so it stands to reason the Bible software’s many searched phrase is “love,” accompanied by “marriage.” The program can pick out these terms and emphasize relevant passages to users seeking terms of wisdom.

“all of the considerable percentage of our very own growth is in fact happening away from U.S. in non-English-speaking countries,” Bobby mentioned. “We try making the feeling very positive and take into account the nuances of each and every language and tradition. All of our stress is on intercontinental progress because that’s exactly how we’ll reach new registered users.”

Available to everybody with a smart phone, pill, or computer, the application happens to be specially important to people who live in places in which Bibles are scarce as well as prohibited. Nearly 1,500 variations from the Bible present spiritual direction to all believers of trust.

The YouVersion weblog further encourages people to stay and love in line with the Bible’s instructions. The blog’s positive tone helps to keep audience informed about brand-new advancements aided by the app but also supplies faith-oriented suggestions for anybody in need of support.

Add a substantial Additional or Trusted Friend to keep Connected

The Bible application is more than a resource of Scripture — it’s also a social program with many helpful union functions. You are able to develop up to 150 reliable interactions together with other app consumers, who’ll see once you bookmark, emphasize, begin or finish a reading program, or perform any task from the software. Your buddies can then touch upon your activity and begin a meaningful conversation.

Your own experience with the Bible merely gets better and deepens as soon as you express it together with other people. Your own understanding of trust merely strengthens when you yourself have friends to talk about it, cherish it, and abide by it along with you. “We try to develop a safe destination to go over Scripture with folks you trust,” Bobby stated.

He emphasizes that the connections throughout the Bible software are mutually-agreed-upon and real-life associations — maybe not strangers, but family. That is why they reduce number of individuals you could add. “we desire that it is a thoughtful procedure on the person you select,” the guy informed you. “The limit leads to individuals to imagine a tad bit more significantly about whom they wish to engage.”

Everyday Engagement: occasions Unite the city Via Shared Faith

Church frontrunners can simply generate activities throughout the Bible software to help people find and communicate with chapel solutions along with other events inside their region. The software’s occasion site helps you save from printing out lots and lots of flyers by providing an immediate connect to your congregation on any smart phone. It gives individuals accessibility information things along with other material for them to follow combined with message during something.

“We use Events for several our periods, allowing the attendees to own notes and Scriptures through the speakers in top of those.” — Cindy Beall, Director of provide for top and adoring It and Bible App user

Out of your smartphone, you can easily create a complete event from scratch or alter a current occasion to help keep folks in touch from the goings-on. It’s also possible to supply attendees a very interactive experience by adding content so men and women have access to pertinent Scripture while in the meeting.

The versatile area empowers chapel frontrunners growing their own subscriptions and construct a residential area considering usual interests. You can get involved and satisfy new people effortlessly by discovering an event towards you uploaded regarding the Bible application.

The Bible application: bring the Devotion along with you Wherever You Go

Relationships, like trust, require constant affirmations and devoted upkeep to stay powerful in the decades. To truly get acquainted with your partner on a spiritual amount, you can easily download the Bible software and check out Scripture with each other. As Jordan and Lindsey bore witness to, if you see the Bible’s lessons through someone else’s sight, you forge a deep relationship in order to find brand new meaning in Christian values.

The Bible App supplies a social society of believers checking out, listening, talking about, and connecting on countless products across the globe. Wherever you will be, you can access inspirational verses and share your own trust with other people in a convenient, cellular software. Whether you’re getting a reading companion or a conference to meet up with like-minded Christians, the software unites people of religion and delivers Christianity into the electronic get older for a unique generation.

“We don’t hold it tightly, and then we cannot go on it lightly,” Bobby said. “We look at the success utilizing the app as some thing Jesus’s accomplished rather than some thing we have now done.”